Turn Your Expertise Into a Wildly Profitable Consulting Business

Cheryl Mauldin is a business strategy coach who started her first business at the age of 18. But when she started a family, she put her entrepreneurial dreams on hold by going to work in Corporate America. She climbed the Corporate ladder as a healthcare executive, but longed for the freedom to be her own boss, set her own hours, create her own vision, and create time and financial freedom.

Leaving the 9-to-5

When her last daughter left for college, Cheryl said goodbye to a burned out 9-to-5 career and hello to the business of her dreams. Using the expertise from her corporate career, Cheryl started a healthcare consulting business in just 30 days and was Open for Business. Within 6 months she built a 6-Figure business using her skills and expertise, and within one year she was debt-free and creating her dream life.

Leaving the 9-to-5

Cheryl now owns 3 businesses, and helps women leverage their expertise and professional skills to build wildly profitable consulting or freelance businesses.Cheryl Mauldin High Performance Business Coach


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