People tend to think their is some “secret” to real success. A magic bullet or secret formula. The truth is there aren’t any secrets. It is a strategic plan. If you came into today giddy with anticipation for a New Year…or shaking off the bruises from the old year, today I want to share with you how to have your BEST YEAR EVER.

Success does not happen by accident.

That is a fact. No matter what you want to achieve this year, without a plan and some dedication, hard work, and execution it will not happen by accident.

I never make New Year’s Resolutions. To me, a resolution is something you make up as the year ends, usually under pressure, in a hurry, without much thought to what it will take to achieve it, and no plan for execution.

Hence why most Resolutions are gathering dust by February 1st. It’s why gyms are packed on January 1st and a grave yard by February 1st. There was no commitment. No plan. No execution. No chance of sticking.

Not you, not this year. I’m going to share with you a simple way to create THE plan to have your best year ever this year.

Recap last year

So last year was literally…yesterday. Really do a deep dive on what you accomplished. What were your biggest wins? Things that did not go as planned? What did you learn? Where could you have been better? What meant the most to you? Who did you spend it with?

I write this list down every year and I am always amazed at not just my accomplishments, but my lessons learned and growth moments. Last year for me was amazing. I traveled to 5 countries and traveled coast to coast here in the U.S. My business revenue grew over six figures. I worked with amazing and crazy smart people. I learned from and mentored with some of the most brilliant coaches in the industry. I bought my dream car.

But the most amazing thing was welcoming my granddaughter into the world. Warning…cuteness overload below.

I mean, seriously…don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks!?!

I define success perhaps a little differently than some business coaches, because my life plan is just as important as my business plan, to me. Owning my own businesses allowed me to just be present for her birth and her first week of life. Be there with our families as we welcomed her into the world, and spend time with my daughter and son-in-law without any worries about a boss who wanted me back at my desk, or my business coming to a grinding halt.

Of everything that happened for me last year, this was both the greatest blessing and the greatest lesson.

When you recap your year, don’t just focus on your business….what happened in your life?

It starts with your BIG VISION.

What would the perfect year look like for you? Grab a pen and piece of paper and jot down everything that comes to mind. I don’t care if you make a list or write a story. If failure were not an option, what would you achieve this year? What would you have? What would you be able to do? Where would you go? Who would be with you?

Your vision will be the roadmap by which you plan this trip through the next year. Be specific. Dream big. If you really want the most from this part of the exercise, create a vision board. Then proudly post it where you will see it every day.

Your BIG goals

A BIG vision requires BIG goals, right? Forget making New Year’s Resolutions. Let concentrate instead of WHAT is it really going to take to achieve the vision you just created? Specifically, what do you want to achieve?

Then forget about the whole year. Just focus on the next 100 days. What do you need to achieve in the next 100 days to lay the foundation for the vision of this year? Create a list of goals to accomplish in the next 100 days. The beauty of this is….it doesn’t matter if it’s January 1st or May 15th – a new 100 days starts whenever you do. But, start sooner rather than later.

Your BIG priorities

Look at your goals’ list….what are the TOP 3 priority goals? Your brain cannot focus on more than 3 goals at a time, I don’t care what anybody says. Science proves that if you try to focus on too much at one time, you’ll end up with mediocre results and do a poor job all around. Not you, not this year!

For this next 100 days, what are the top 3 BIG goals? Write those down and then post them where you can see them. On your computer, on your bathroom mirror, inside the book you are reading, in your car….everywhere.

Your BIG Plan

You cannot achieve big goals without a plan. Period. Execution is the key. That is the secret sauce you’ve been looking for.

What actions do you need to take specifically during this 100-day period in order to achieve your top 3 goals? I mean, every little thing. What is everything you will need to DO to achieve them? Make a list! This is important. Brain dump all the little steps and reverse engineering in one big list.

Your list becomes your strategy and work plan. I write each thing on an index card and use my “stack” to plan my work for each week. But do whatever works for you.

Your BIG execution

You’ve heard this before…unless it’s scheduled it will not get done. #truthbomb

Take your list – your plan of attack – and decide what needs to happen first? What needs to get done this week?

Put them in your calendar. Pick the time of day you are going to block off for strategic work and schedule what you will be working on in those blocks of time. #zoneofgenius

Repeat this step every week.

Your BIG assessment

Every week at the end of the week, review what happened? Were you dedicated? Did you have focus? What did you accomplish? What did you learn? What went well? What didn’t go so well? Make any adjustments for the next week.

Go to your execution list, pick what you’ll work on next week, and put it in your calendar.


Do this every single week.

Accomplishing BIG goals is actually quite simple. I didn’t say easy…just simple. Don’t over complicate the process. Success takes hard work, but the process is not hard to figure out.

Your BEST Year Ever

I created a free workbook designed to help you through this process with proven step-by-step strategies. This is the exact plan I follow every 100 days, and consistently my business grows, my revenue increases, my joy in life grows, and I grow. You can grab a copy of the FREE workbook, How To Have Your Best Year Ever here.

How to have your best year ever

And just know that my plan for this year includes only programs, tools and resources geared toward you making this your best year ever. I created an intentional plan to narrow my scope this year to what will be most impactful and most meaningful to you.

As your hubbie or boyfriend watches football this afternoon, crack open this workbook and get started on How to Have Your Best Year Ever!

Have questions or comments, drop me a line!

Here’s to your best year ever,


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