Taking action in the fourth quarter – how to finish this year strong!


I feel like I blinked and it was November. Seriously, Thanksgiving is next week. In another blink it will be Christmas. I don’t know about you, but end of year seems to come in a flash.

If you are like me, your mind has already began to wander to 2018. It’s natural, it happens to almost everyone. But, before you dismiss 2017, get honest about your goals for this year. Did you achieve the personal and business goal you set way back in January? If not, guess what…there are still SIX weeks left in this year.

Instead of crossing this year off and giving up, I want you to dig in, dust off those goals you set in January, and make one final push to finish this year strong!

How Can You Finish Strong

Let’s start by digging out those goals. Then ask yourself some questions.

Review your goals.

What goals did you set for this year?

Hopefully you wrote each one down. It’s time to drag out that list and dust it off. Remind yourself what you were so committed to earlier in the year. If you are not in the habit of posting them where you can see them everyday, do that now. Try to keep them visible, so that you are focused on them daily.

Think back to when you wrote those goals. Why were they important to you? What would accomplishing them mean to you? Understanding your motivation and desires gives you a reason to continue to work toward them. Setting goals is really all about results…without results all you have is a wish.

Measure Progress.

Maybe it has been a while since you and your goals sat together. Hold yourself accountable. It is time to make an assessment. What have you already accomplished…celebrate that! What is left to accomplish? Remember, you still have 6 weeks in this year.

Write down your progress toward each goal. If you accomplished a goal, could you set a new marker for more improvement or more achievement toward that one goal. For example, if you wanted to increase revenue by $10,000 and you did, why not update your goal for even higher revenue?

Then hold yourself accountable to work toward this goals for the remainder of the year. Stopping now is like stopping at 25.5 miles in a 26 mile marathon.

And measure your progress, consistently! I love tracking and measuring…I know that makes me a little weird. This action alone will help to keep you accountable and on track. This self-accountability does wonders for making you do the work. No one wants to report failure or inactivity, even to themselves.

What happens if those goals are not important to me anymore?


If it’s been a while since you last looked at your goals, chances are the importance today is probably not as great as when you wrote them. I find that people who are actively engaged with goals, look at them often because they are taking consistent action and measuring progress.

If your priorities have changed since you last reviewed your goals, it may be a time for a change. But don’t squander the remaining six weeks of this year. If you wait until January, you have seriously lost 6 weeks of work and progress.

Acknowledge the goals you accomplished. Yay, you! Maybe set new targets for those goals to keep pushing forward this year. Admit if you have avoided working toward an outcome. If it’s still important, drill down to understand what is holding you back. Then develop a plan of attack to remove that obstacle.

Keys to Achieving Goals by Year-End

  • Simplify: Choose a specific goal and break it down into smaller tasks that can be done on a daily or weekly basis. There are 6 whole weeks left in this year!
  • Prioritize: Schedule time in your day to actively work on them. If it is not scheduled, it will not get done. Plan time to work. Do one at least one thing every day to work toward this goal.
  • Manage Distractions: There are countless distractions in life, especially technology. Emails, television, phone calls, internet, social media, and texting are all potential sources of distraction. Keep them to a minimum and work first and foremost toward making your goals happen. Get in your ZONE OF GENIUS and take action.
  • Be Serious, but Flexible: To achieve your goals, you have to be serious. Commit to your goals and commit to the results you want to achieve.

You have to plan, prioritize, and hold yourself to deadlines and commitments. Individuals who are confident they will succeed put in more effort, plan how to deal with problems before they occur, and persist longer despite difficulties.

Most importantly, get excited about your goals for 2017 again! Remind yourself why you got excited about them in the first place. What made you want to pursue that goal? Why were you passionate about it? Remember the reasons, refocus, and get energized.



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